€ 100.00 per whole Day

€ 70.00 per Half day

  • Including. Beamer, Screen, CD player, Flip chart, Pinboard etc.
  • (Room Rent is no longer applicable if the Participants Are employed)

Pause Standard

€ 15.00 p.P. for two Breaks (sweet od. pikant) incl. Drinks

Participants will have access To tea, Filter coffee, orange juice, Water and Soda throughout the Seminar.

Variant 1 (Recommended for afternoon Break)

  • Fruit
  • Tin Cake

Variant 2 (Recommended for the Morning Break)

  • Div. Rolls, also premium e.g. Salmon, raw Ham
  • Vegetable sticks with Cream Dipp

Lunch & Dinner

€ 15.00 p.P. for a 2-course Menu

€ 21.00 p.P. for a 3-course Menu


Main Course with Meat

Main Course vegetarian


  • All Meals are served at the Table.
  • Salads set on Request.
  • Buffett on Request.
  • With the 2-Course menu, we can also offer an optional Dessert on Request.


€ 65.00 in Single Room

€ 85.00 in a Double Room

€ 75.00 in Double Room for Single Use

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